Former UK Ambassador, Henderson: “Travel around Yemen is feasible and advisable” [Archives:2001/20/Front Page]

May 14 2001

‘Travel around Yemen is feasible and advisable”, the former British Ambassador to Yemen Vic Henderson told the British Yemeni Society.
At the society’s monthly lecture held last week Henderson reflected on his posting to Yemen and said that his wife and he would return in October to see some of the places they missed’. He said that Yemen could be divided into three zones: those where travel was perfectly safe such as Sana’a, Hodeida, Socotra and Wadi Hadramaut, those where the approval of the embassy should be sought and excursions should only be made if there are two vehicles and those where the protection of the authorities should be sought. Mareb and Saada fall into the last two categories.
In response to questions from the floor Henderson said that Yemen would gain as much from good bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia as it would from membership of the GCC.
Henderson did not comment on the chances of the British citizens in prison in Aden getting a presidential pardon, but said that apart from Islamic extremists the Yemenis are conservative but tolerant Muslims.