Fouad Al-Sharjabi New Trend in Yemeni Music [Archives:1998/03/Culture]

January 19 1998

A young Yemeni musician, Fouad Al-Sharjabi was born in Taiz in 1970. Early in his childhood, he loved music ‘for its warmth streaming inside us.’ He started playing musical instruments at home and at school, as a boy scout and later at the National Club and The Cultural Center in Taiz. Step by step, his talent began to show.
In 1990, Fouad seriously began his life as a musician through composing a series of melodies and program music pieces for Yemeni comic series and dramas. He is the first piano player who played folk and traditional pieces. His works are presented on the Yemeni satellite channel and he is the one who composed the signature tune for the news on the Aden channel. Early in his childhood, he began to study music. Through continuous learning, he was able to write the music notes independently. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism offered him the chance to study in Syria at The High Music Institute, in the Music Composing and Arrangement section. He prepared for that by studying at The Arabic Music Institute there.
Fouad prepared a piece named “Music From Yemen.” This piece included several kinds of Yemeni music pieces, Sanaani, Hadhrami, Yafa’ai and other Yemeni folklore from Aden and Taiz. This piece is adopted by The Ministry of Information to represent Yemen abroad by holding concerts in the hotels and music halls. As far as culture and music are concerned Fouad said: “I hope attention will be focused on the music. Which, in my opinion, is the responsibility of the government itself. They have to give more support to music and art in general. The first seminar for music that was held with French cooperation was a good step towards that.” About the cultural awaking in Yemen he said, “We now notice a real cultural awaking beginning to take place among several folk national institutions, which is a responsible step towards our country’s cultural presence. I really hope that such efforts will continue.”