Foundation of National Association for Midwives [Archives:2004/748/Community]

June 21 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
A national seminar, participated in by international experts and supported by the United Stated Development Agency (USAID), UNFPA, and PHR Plus Organization, was concluded last Monday with the official foundation of the first National Association for Midwives in Yemen.
The seminar, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health, discussed the experiments of midwives associations in Indonesia and Morocco concerning with the role and development of midwives.
The Chairwoman of the International Federation for Midwives, Ms. Kathy Heyschderfey, detailed the capabilities that the Federation will provide.
The participant midwives, representing all governorates of the Republic, prepared a draft project for internal regulation, the scope of work and the goals of the association in Yemen. They utilized the consultations and practical experiments discussed by international experts who attended the session that assisted in the foundation of the association on a scientific basis.
The Association aims to create an organization in the name of Yemeni midwives considering them an important segment of society who serve family health and family planning, especially considering the increased number of problems that face the world of midwives in society from various governmental and private authorities.