Founding Association for the Deaf and Dumb in Taiz [Archives:2001/26/Culture]

June 25 2001

“Atomoh” a charitable and social association for the deaf and dumb has been founded recently in Taiz.It aims at catering to and cultivating deaf and dumb and improving their creative abilities socially and professionally, protecting their rights and getting them suitable work opportunities. 
Mr. Abdu alhakim Ashamiri was elected as the Chairman of the Association and Mr. Farouk Hashim as its Vice-chair. The administration staff selected including: 
Abrahim Thabet, Ahmed Maresh, Faiz Abdu, Samer Abdullah, Mahdi Sultan, Naji Ghanem, Noaman Nasher, Sarah Abu alabas, Rajaa Said, Maha Abduajalil. Although the association is still in its infancy, it has started implementing an agenda of concrete action plan in Taiz and has participated in the exhibition of handicrafts and folk costums in the week before the last at Ashab school. 
The members of the association have budding talents in drawing, sculpturing, sewing and weaving. Mr. Farouk Hashim has compiled part a dictionary of pantomime language and hopes that it would be printed and taught in centers of the dumb and deaf. 
He has a diploma in this field from a specialist institute in Kuwait and has proficiency in computer and handwriting. 
He was teaching in a center of the dumb and deaf before being dismissed. He is jobless now is looking for a job. 
The association is in currently need of a center and lectures halls equipped with furniture, telephone and computer. The association is planning to organize some courses for those who can not use pantomime properly for training them to use computer and Internet. It is also looking for sponsor for compiling the comprehensive statistics of the dumb and deaf in the city of Taiz and its vicinity. It also hopes in long-run to find a permanent sponsor for its activities which includes establishing a school, a dormitory and making buses available. 
They were impelled by determined and enthusiastic spirit to establish their association. They also play a humanitarian role to stand by their friend Ahead Adubai who is suffering from heart disease and in being treated in the hospital. They visited the Yemen Times office in Taiz asking for support to successfully convey their message to the public. 
The dumb and deaf have ambitions and dreams that will not be realized unless generous people and charitable institutions give them a helping hand. This is a call to those who are in charge. Hope they will heed us and respond favorably.