Founding father of the republic dies [Archives:2008/1155/Local News]

May 15 2008

Brigadier General Abdullah Abdulsallam Sabrah (1941-2008) passed away in Germany on Friday from old age. He was one of the founders of the Free Fighters Organization, which fought the Imam and was behind the Yemeni revolutions since the early forties.

On Saturday, his body was brought into Yemen and many VIPs including president Saleh attended his funeral.

Sabrah graduated from Egyptian Military Academy in 1957 and worked as a trainer at the Yemeni military college.

In the 1962 revolution in North Yemen, he was captain of the First Armored Division, which attacked the Bashaer Castle where the Imam resided. After the revolution, he worked as the Yemeni military attache in Moscow and later Algeria. In Yemen, he worked as the Prime Ministers military charge de affairs and was a member of the Shoura Council. He was also ambassador to Kuwait, Morocco and Somalia. He had 13 children.