Four Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists killed in Marib [Archives:2007/1075/Front Page]

August 9 2007
Ali Dohah
Ali Dohah
Naji Ali Jaradan
Naji Ali Jaradan
By: Moneer Al-Omari
MARIB, August 8 ) In a land and air operation, Terrorism Fighting Forces managed to kill four Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists on Wednesday morning in Raghwan area located between Marib and Al-Jawf districts, according to the governor of Marib Aref Al-Zuka.

Al-Zuka told 26 the four men are suspected to be among the cell that plotted Marib's terrorist attack that targeted a convoy of Spanish tourists in early July and killed ten, including two Yemenis. They are also behind killing the chief of Marib's Investigation Department Ali Qusilah.

The killed terrorists include Qassim Al-Rimi, Ali bin Ali Dohah and Naji Ali Jaradan, the prime suspect in Qusilah's killing. The identity of the fourth member is still unknown, because his corpse was badly deformed. The four men are among a 10-member cell, including two foreigners that planned and implemented the terrorist operation in Marib.

Al-Rimi appeared in an audio recording before Marib's terrorist attack, threatening the Yemeni government for killing some Al-Qaeda members. He is also accused of participating in the attack that targeted the French tanker Limburg.

He was tried in absentia in the state's specialized court for forming an armed gang and planning to target foreigners and vital interests.