Four child smuggling suspects detained [Archives:2004/729/Local News]

April 15 2004

Yemeni Security Authorities detained four suspects at Hared Jail, located on the border of Yemen and Saudi, who is accused of organizing a band involved in the smuggling of children into Saudi Arabia.
The security source stated the four were arrested while attempting to smuggle 8 children, age 8-12 years, into Saudi.
This comes following the previous arrest of two suspects trying to smuggle 11 children from Al-Mahweet governorate into Saudi during the Omrah season. The two were sentenced to one year and six months respectively by Hared Court last March.
Moreover, Saudi authorities have rendered to Yemen during the last few months 25 children who were detained by Saudi security authorities for illegally entering Saudi territory.
Smuggling of children is one of the most important phenomena confronting the two countries, after the smuggling of arms and illegal drugs.