Four Killed & 16 Injured [Archives:2001/08/Local News]

February 19 2001

Tribal feuds between the Tuwaiti and Al al-Bahm tribes in Yarim district, Ibb governorate, have claimed the lives of four persons, including a woman and 16 injuries, some critical, from both sides. These casualties are the results of conflicts that took place on Wednesday evening using bazookas, mortars and machine guns. Tribal sources told YT that fighting was triggered off last month by revenge disputes dating back to the 1982 war in the then two parts of Yemen. Severe damage has occurred to houses near the bombing sites, sources maintained. Mr. Ali Muse’ad Saleh Qalim, a lieutenant from Al al-Bahm tribe, was killed along with one other. Ten other men from Al al-bahm tribe were also seriously injured. Sources also reveal that one death and seven injuries were reported in the Tuwaiti tribe. Bombing is still going on as security forces could not control the situation.