Four killed, seven injured in a tribal clash at courtMore tribal violence [Archives:2003/639/Front Page]

June 5 2003

Four people were killed and seven injured in a tribal vengeance clash at a court hall last Sunday in Sanaa. Eyewitnesses told the Yemen Times that a dispute erupted between the clans of Abu Nashtoon and al-Faqih, both from Arhab, at the courtyard of Bani al-Harith. It claimed the lives of four, two of them are from the fighting clans while the other two were passers-by; they were advocate Sameer al-Ubaihi and female student Hafsa al-Sudi. Seven others including passers-by were seriously injured while police arrested some members of the two clans.
Three people of the two warring tribes since 1980s were killed last year in a clash in Sana'a. Tribal mediations failed since then to stop the tribal vengeance between the disputing parties since the victims of this old-aged fight claimed the lives of more than ten persons.
The government has also failed to put an end to this phenomenon especially as there is no law regulating the carrying of weapons and tribal areas in Yemen are still largely lawless and not under the control of the central government.