Four murdered in intra-family conflict in Dhamar [Archives:2007/1105/Local News]

November 22 2007

DHAMAR, Nov. 21 ) A man killed both his mother- and father-in-law, his brother-in-law's wife and her 4-year-old son three days ago because of family conflicts.

Inciting his actions was the fact that his wife and their four children had gone to her parents' home due to his continuous abuse of her. This often happens in different areas of Yemen when a wife is abused or insulted by her husband, she escapes to her parents' home. However, this time the consequences were horribly unexpected.

According to local sources, the murderer, who was also a school teacher in Madinat Al-Sharq, another district in Dhamar, was in a vehicle with his father-in-law late one night and killed him. When security forces arrived to investigate the crime early in the morning, he continued his spree by killing his mother-in-law, his brother-in-law's wife and her child, who was thrown from the roof of the house.

Only his wife and children were spared, concealing themselves in an isolated room of the house, in which the other victims, except the child, were shot to death.

The killer intended to shoot his wife and children to death, but his gun ran out of bullets. Reaching a dead end, he gave up and turned himself in to security forces, who took him to the center of the district to finalize procedures with him.