Fourth Arab session at HRITC [Archives:2003/637/Local News]

May 26 2003

Human Rights Information & Training Center-Taiz (HRITC) is organizing today Monday May 26 in Sana'a an Arab workshop on human rights specially devoted for teachers..
Supervisors of secondary school and educational curricula specialists from Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Tunisia and Yemen are to take part in the two-day workshop that will focus in its programs on the practical steps to corporate the human rights principles among teachers and students.
This meeting comes in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunisia and supported by the Canada and Development Program for Local Initiatives.
Mr. Ezalddin Saeed al-Asbahi, the head of HRTIC says, ” the current round is the fourth that the center holds represents a developing turning-point for the education and human rights program that the center has been implementing for four years. This year and the next will witness a tangible development through which developed experiences from different countries along with local experiences on the ground for merging the human rights.
HRTIC, Taiz-based institution, has fulfilled two important studies about the possibility of merging the human rights in the Yemeni educational curricula at the secondary and primary stages.
This activity that 30 education supervisors participate in will be the beginning for the practical training program to put a plan and a guide to corporate the human rights in the educational curricula.