Fourth International Car Exhibition launched [Archives:2005/861/Local News]

July 21 2005

SANA'A- the Fourth International Car Exhibition was inaugurated last Monday at Sana'a Expo Hall for International Exhibitions with the participation of a number of world car companies.

The exhibition, which featured a great economic phenomenon, was inaugurated by the Yemeni Minister of Transportation.

The government's refusal to reduce custom fees caused a shock on the participating companies. It had its negative impacts on the car companies that hoped to sell considerable quantities of their commodities.

Omar Thabit, Agent of Nissan and Peugeot companies, taking part in the exhibition, confirmed that the non-reduction of custom fees had its negative effects on the participating companies and purchasers as well.

Nissan Company, he added, started to sell its products to individuals and institutions in Yemen, and that the problem experienced in Yemeni is not caused by car trafficking, but by the trafficking of car parts.

The Fourth International Car Exhibition involves great car-manufacturing companies: Toyota, Hyundai, Porsche, in addition to other companies that have been established late and offer good products with reasonable prices.