Fourth round of combating polio kicked off [Archives:2005/871/Local News]

August 25 2005

The national campaign for polio combat started Monday and continues until Wed.August24. The campaign targets 3.800.649 children under the age of five.

The number of workers that participate in the campaign amounts to 340582. Of these, 2.390 are proper health workers. 16.096 are mobile workers, while the numbers of team supervisors are 3701. There are also16.069 volunteers. The number of cars that were used was scheduled to be 4365.

The comprehensive national program for vaccination held a press conference for journalists and media representatives, dedicated for the comprehensive polio combat.

They invited journalist and media people to adopt and support this national campaign.

Health officials said that there were a number of difficulties that faced introducing the service properly to all targeted persons. Of these are the geographically scattered areas far away from vaccination centers. Another impeding factor is the small number of females, working in vaccination centers. This creates a problem in vaccinating targeted females against tetanus, because most of the vulnerable females abstain from being vaccinated by males.