Fourth Workshop on Ozone held [Archives:2004/721/Local News]

March 18 2004

The General Authority for the Protection of the Environment organized the fourth workshop on 14 March 2004 in Al-Mukalla City regarding Ozone and Controlling Legislation for Importation and Handling of Ozone-depleting substances, in coordination with Hadramout Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The workshop, attended by academics and representatives of the Chamber and related competent authorities, discussed three working papers concerning the ozone layer and international agreements and protocols on the protection of the ozone layer and the extent of Yemeni obligation towards them. The proposed legislation related to the control and monitoring of ozone-depleting substances.
The working papers dealt with definitions of ozone-depleting substances, usage and alternatives and methods to increase awareness of the importance of the layer and the danger of its destruction. The workshop also dealt with how to involve the governmental and private sectors in drawing up plans to guarantee control of the depleting substances in a balanced way, and how to balance the implementation of Yemeni obligations towards the agreements and protocols on one hand and maintaining the Yemeni economy on the other hand.