Fourth YITE towards unified Arab trade market [Archives:2002/22/Business & Economy]

May 27 2002

Sanaa witnessed last week the inauguration ceremony of the 4th Yemen Trade Int. Exhibition (4th YITE) held on 20-26 May at the Sanaa Int. Exhibition Center.
It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Mr. Abdulqader Bajammal.
Around 21 countries and more than 300 companies participated in the exhibition.
During the inauguration ceremony, Mohammed Jasem, the deputy minister of commerce and industry in the UAE highly expressed his admiration for making a success for 4th YITE. We look forward to promote bilateral relations in all aspects, he said.
He further pointed out that the UAEs participation in the exhibition was considered to be a stepping-stone to the made-in-UAE exhibition series.
The UAE pavilion is one of the largest exhibitions which conveys that the UAE has been progressing by leaps and pounds not only in the field of oil resources but also in other non-oil resources.
Made-in-UAE exhibition represents a true transition of the UAE pioneering industries in all fields, he noted further.
He indicated that the economic reforms managed by Yemen would prepare the way for promoting a trade exchange between Yemen and other adjacent countries and the world.
Made-in-UAE exhibition would broaden the horizons for establishing deep relations between Yemen and UAE in order to reactivate trade exchange.
The UAE Ambassador to Yemen, Khaleefa Bin Mojren al-Kindi said that the 4th YITE constitutes a significant trade transition where the made-in-UAE exhibition had been shown in Yemen. Such exhibition will pave the way for an Arab joint market and the UAEs participation is a good opportunity to encourage investment between the UAE and Yemen, al-Kindi added.
Hussien Hussien Shomaila, the General Manager of the Sanaa Int. Exhibition Center said that the success of the exhibition is attributed to the leading role played by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Industry Commerce Chamber.
The Manager of the SA pavilion, Mohammed al-Qasem said that the pavilion comprises electrical industries, utensils, carpets and steel industries.
He added further that Jeddah Company for the Int. Exhibitions intends to organize an exhibition for the Arab Industries.
The Vice Chairman of the Qatar pavilion said that Qatar participated for the first time in this exhibition. Qatar produces a lot of light and heavy industries including steel, petrochemicals and other important products. he said.
The Yemen pavilion is of great importance in comparison with other Arab pavilions.
The Hael Saeed Anaam (HSA) Group of Companies was ranked first among other local companies.
Tareq Hael Saeed, a businessman, said that organizing such exhibition had prepared the way for businessmen and others interested in trade field to know much of the Yemeni products.
Galal Gameel, an export specialist at Genpack expressed his admiration of the domestic products and the high quality that have reached in comparison with other local and Arab products.
We have participated in the 4th YITE to stress the strong desire of the HSA group to show to other countries the highest technology Yemen has reached, he noted.
Moreover, we are surprised to find that other countries have got astounded to know that our products are Yemeni made, enthusiastically Mr. Galal stated.
The pavilion of the Kingdom of Jordan participated in the exhibition, including the Royal Jordanian Airways. Jordanian products include, food products, plastics, paints, papers sacks, metal industries, steel, and kitchen wares.
It is worth mentioning that a seminar entitled Advertising in the Republic of Yemen was held on Saturday morning at the Shumaila Exhibition Center. The seminar included speeches and presentations by Mr. Walid Al-Saqqaf, Editor-in-Chief of Yemen Times representing the printed press, Mr. Ahmed Taher Al-Sheyani General Manager of the General Establishment of Television and Radio, along with the head of the establishments economic sector, Mr. Alawi Mohamed, who represented the electronic media.
The discussion concentrated on the importance of advertising and how it could serve as a step stone to improve trade and business within the country and at the same time attract investors from abroad. The organizers of the exhibition, who also organized the seminar emphasized on the need to have better coverage of such exhibitions in all media in Yemen.