France participating in Sana’a Cultural Capital arrangements [Archives:2003/658/Local News]

August 11 2003

France is participating in the preparatory arrangements of making Sana'a cultural capital in year 2004 through a program that the French embassy presented last week.
The program includes a number of joint workshops taking place in the capital secretariat for a cultural exchange about information, thoughts and ideas about civilization and Yemeni heritage.
Sports activities for a wide number of sports as well as restoring of a number of buildings and houses in Al-Saila region in the old city of Sana'a are included in the program. The same program also works on restoring a number of parks and renovating them to make them more attractive for visiting. Meanwhile, Mayor of Paris is planned to pay a visit to Sana'a this November as part of the twinning agreement signed by Sana'a and Paris.