Francophone week held at French Cultural Center [Archives:2006/933/Local News]

March 30 2006

The Henri De Monfried Center (French Cultural Center) organized Francophone week from Saturday, March 18 through Wednesday, March 22.

Last week's many activities included drawing workshops in the Old City of Sana'a and dictation contests in French for students of various levels. Events included other functions such as concerts and balls.

Students recited French poetry for the occasion and chatted online with students at French universities, while galleries were organized featuring works by a number of artists. French food also found a place during the week, with affordably priced meals to be made available at the center.

Center director Alain Joly held a press conference in which he introduced Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, explaining its purpose and system. The organization counts 53 countries as members and another 10 as observers.