Free mobile phones for journalists [Archives:2005/884/Local News]

October 10 2005

SANA'A – Oct. 4th – Engineer Abdumalik Almolami, Minister of Information and IT, has given members of the Yemen Journalist Syndicate (YJS) free Yemen Mobile telephone lines with a unified bill system.

The minister told head of the YJS, Maboob Ali, that this grant will include the syndicate members that were registered in the list of the third syndicate conference as a first group. The minister also declared a deduction of 40 percent in telephone calls for this group, a thing that will lower the cost to three YR for each minute. Another list for those who were registered in the syndicate list after the third conference will follow.

The minister promised that he will consider a 50 percent deduction for their members for the cost of non-mobile phones. This will be in next December after the technical study that is now being carried out by the ministry's experts. The minister also granted the syndicate members a free access through Yemen net services to all internet sites of the partisan and none partisan sites that are licensed by Ministry of Information.