FREE THINKING [Archives:1998/26/Health]

June 29 1998

Ms. Waffa Alawi Nasser,
Yemen Times

Have you ever taken time out to study the nature of the human mind? Actually, is it taught as an essential part of education, or as an essential part of life? I believe this should be a vital part of our national curriculum. Mental improvement via practical psychology is essential to our own emotional well-being.
Do people continue to ponder questions they have never found answers for?
Naturally people say, “If you’ve got your health, what else matters?” But I’d say, “If you’ve got your sanity, what else matters?” Nobody in this world is perfectly sane. We’re not robots, we are all different, nobody can possibly have the same mind as another person. It would be absurd, don’t you think?
Our emotions:
Many people in Yemen and indeed all over the world face many problems (emotionally). There is no end to this, but do we ever take the time to question our emotional problems, instead of handing them over to others?
Yes this is easier said than done, though some of try so hard, but to no avail. When our emotional problems get out of hand, it becomes very dangerous. It becomes forceful thinking rather than free thinking, it should be optional.
There is no need to fear our emotions, positive thinking can change this. We know now through our experiences that life was not meant to be a fairy tale. There can’t always be a happy ending. However, having said this, we can fight to improve our ways of thinking, which will result in a more harmonious environment (your own self).
We can’t help others unless we help ourselves. We cannot get rid of an emotional problem simply by thinking about it 24 hours a day, nor by ignoring it. Our conscious mind is the most fragile and magnificent organ in our body. It is a part of us. We cannot simply ignore it, the good comes with the bad. You can root out the cause of a problem by examining everything. One can continuously ponder and concentrate on the way one’s daily life is affected by these problems.
Negative side:
Many people seek professional help, hoping they will come out feeling on top of the world by some miracle or such. This does not happen, no matter how many doctor appointments you make or how much money you pay. It is, however, possible in the long run to amend ourselves. We don’t want to be led into a reality asylum. Our negative thoughts, which destroy our way of free thinking, eventually become more and more of a reality, until one day you become it.
Depression and loss of temper is obviously a fault, this will naturally increase your loss of confidence. Of course, everybody gets angry but some people become angry and depressed very quickly, even unnecessarily. This may have something to do with schizophrenia. It’s like having two personalities, which negatively control your emotions and way of free thinking. Worry makes your thoughts un-optional.
Positive side:
We all need to find the ways of mental fulfillment. Of course it’s not easy, but at least try. Pursue positive thoughts by seeking to identify advantages and disadvantages. Think logically. We must not make quick decisions any more, it’s not always the right one. We can change our ways of thinking.
Positive thinking is one of the elements to a better life (mentally). It’s like traveling without moving. You can just sit for hours, concentrating calmly, finding out even the slightest detail from your past. Everything has a connection, you may find something valuable.
We find it hard to relax. Try to contemplate and meditate without disturbance and question all things unanswered. One day you may well find that answer. Remember, where there is a problem, there is a solution.
I may sound hypocritical, because here’s me telling people how to find possible ways of amending their emotions when at the same time I’m somewhat bewildered by my own emotions, gradually leading to distress. But with confidence and encouragement we can all resolve this.
Personally, I believe it’s easier to write down your thoughts. Then try to assess what is the main thing in an emotional problem. It may be an object or it may be a person, or you may find it unclear. Time is not always on our side. But don’t despair, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, as they say.
You can look through your past and observe your present. It’s like a journey through time. Some details from the past can reveal the solutions to your present problems. We must not fear. If that happens, we run the risk of making a bad decision. Be patient and take your time. There is no actual deadline to improving your mental well-being.
Points to remember:
1) It is not favorable to ignore emotional problems. Actually I think that is rather impossible, unless you are somewhat hypnotized.
2) Emotions may be deep and clear, therefore they should be followed with common sense and intellect.
3) Think thoroughly and clearly, be patient and decide without interference. Seeking a second opinion may not always be a wise choice.
4) We act according to our emotions. This can easily be changed. We are laborers to our own conscience, this does not have to be the case. Your thoughts and you are one. Try to invent new and more uplifting thoughts, in place of unfavorable ones. Eventually, this may prove to take a realistic and permanent place in your mind, making the negative emotions redundant.
5) Finally, your emotions can make you into whatever you desire. Invent positive thoughts and experiment with your mind a little, knowing from that point onwards, it gets better. As I said if there’s bad, there is always good, and there will always be a choice.
People need to take these aspects more seriously. Think of these words: “achievement” and “confidence “. We would all like to be better at everything we do, and obviously this does not happen over-night. But where there is a will, there is a way. Try to discover your inner-self?
We can change our personalities knowing that we will still be the same person. However, we must be aware that one of the most important things we own is our innermost thoughts? Your mind is not going to run away. Be patient, think deeply, even write your thoughts down if it helps, try to relax, invent ideas, positive thoughts and good intentions to occupy your mind. There will always be solutions, we must find them, and find them we will, I promise.