Freedom of expression [Archives:2006/985/Community]

September 28 2006

By: Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

The more concept of 'freedom of expression' prevails, the more 'aggressive interaction' we notice in society. Though there is supposed to be a spirit of tolerance when efforts are being made for building a society on the basis of co-existence. But let's not forget that all societies are not identical but classified into different segments based on cultural and traditional norms.

By the way, have you ever noticed the concept of freedom of expression has some demerits along with its merits? If it's applied to domestic level, it somehow shatters the bond between parents and their offsprings. How come? Well, those children who respect and obey their parents ultimately come up with their own say no matter if it is right or wrong. And consequently, the very roots of a home are seen being pulled up due to daily tense situations caused by freedom of expression.

Some quarters are giving a very wrong color to the concept of freedom of expression. They maintain that it's something like a spirit of self-confidence to be possessed by an individual for his/her successful future life. But by saying so they are just mixing up both concepts. In my view, self-confidence reflects a positive aspect of human behaviour while freedom of expression is negative.

For instance nowadays we are witnessing a lobby deeply engaged in bringing concept of womanization forth by all means and ways. Women forums have been set up to let her voice be heard more effectively than that of a man's. Wait wait…first let me ask those who are doing so, what's a woman? Is it not a part of man? Was it not Eve [Hawwa] created out of his rib? What for? To claim her 'equality' with him or stand by him thoughout their life?

I have some points given below that will make it clear that woman cannot come to the status of a man's.

1) Every child when gets born in all religions and faiths follows the concept of fatherhood, such as Amer son of Khalid, rather than Amer son of Fatima.

2) No woman prophet was ever sent down to guide and teach her followers as had been done by the male Prophets.

3) At the time of marriage, it's usually a bride who leaves her parents' home for bridegroom's home, not vice versa.

4) Man can marry 4 wives – if he can keep equality among them – but woman can marry only one husband at a time.

5) Why do most of the parents feel gloomy over the birth of their daughters?

6) To continue one's generation and race, he needs sons rather than daughters.

7) Man has been declared something like a 'second god' to his wife, meaning, she is bound to abide by his all orders, directives, requests, sayings. She has to keep him happy at all cost without if and but. A Muslim wife has no place in paradise if she has made her husband mad and displeased.

8) Hawwa [Eve] was not created out of a clay like what was done in the case of Adam (PBUH), but she was created from Adam's rib. So it's Adam whom all the angels were made to prostrate rather than Eve.

Therefore, it's better not to challenge and amend Allah Almighty's laws or else get ready for His wrath.