French ambassador makes the point that . . .Jewish heritage important in Yemen [Archives:2004/715/Community]

February 26 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
In a press conference held in Sana'a recently, French ambassador to Yemen, Alain Moureau said, among things, that there should be a gathering of Jewish heritage that he has seen in all areas of Yemen he has visited.
He described Jewish heritage as the most ancient human heritage in Yemen and the Arabian peninsula.
He added that France would contribute to the project through the French Center for Archaeology and Social Sciences (CEFAS), as part of developing research in social sciences and archaeology for acquainting with historical heritage.
The CEFAS maintains its support for financing and following up copying and keeping diplomatic documents and preserving the traditional musical heritage in partnership with UNESCO. The French center would also take part in publishing a book on art, science and styles of architecture in the historical city of Zabid.
The French cultural attache in the French embassy said in a lecture delivered in the press gathering that his embassy was adopting new ways of enhancing partnerships and communication between France and Yemen and contributing to develop partnerships with Yemen.
He had added that the new policy would focus on supporting Yemen in fighting poverty and influence, though the priority would be continuation and to consolidate aspects of cooperation agreed upon in the past years.
The French cultural attache made it clear that his office cherished through that new policy to concerning fighting of poverty to contribute to support aspects related to improving food security, rural development, permanent management of natural wealth, evolving medical efficiencies, development of the level of care, and the spread of education as well as developing sports and supporting vocational and technical training ad education.
Regarding the program of influencing, he said his office endeavored to consolidate cooperation with the media, support innovation and cultural exchange.
Also the cultural attache office would work for development of university partnerships and applied research and informing about historical heritage. It would help Yemen in improving judicial work, attention for human rights, improvement of general administration and support for the local authority.
Concerning the choice of Sana'a capital for the Arab culture 2004 by UNESCO, the French cultural attache said the French embassy and the cultural center were happy to take part in that event.
The French Cultural Center in Sana'a had announced a cultural program full of many cultural, artistic, and musical activities as well as taking part in exhibitions to be held during this cultural celebration, such as the book fair and European film festival.