French oil company’s attackers arrested [Archives:2006/994/Local News]

October 30 2006

SHABWA, Oct. 29 ) Security authorities in Shabwa governorate have arrested two people in connection with attacking the French oil company C.G.G., which operates in the governorate. The arrest operation took place after tribesmen from Bani Al-Hareth, Al-Nasiatin and Al Isehaq tribes attacked the French company and opened fire on its workers killing three and injuring six.

Brig. Abdurrahman Hanash, Chief of Shabwa Security Department, said police are hunting other suspects involved in the attack. The department intensified security measures around the company and put a stop to the tribal masses that assembled last Thursday. Hanash said security authorities in the governorate took firm security procedures to prevent reoccurrence of such attacks.

Chief of Shawba Security Department said the incident occurred because Bani Al-Hareth, Al-Nasiatin and Al Isehaq tribes insisted the company workers have to be from their tribes. The tribesmen ignore the fact there are technicians from different areas, but they assembled at the company and attacked, but security guards prevented them from storming the company.

As the tribesmen opened fire security guards returned fire. Different media reported that the deaths include one of the attackers, a company worker and one of those applying for work in the company.