French support for agriculture & animal wealth [Archives:2004/760/Business & Economy]

August 2 2004

On conclusion of recent Yemeni negotiations in Paris with partners of development, an agreement was signed on supporting a $ 120 worth program for developing basic education in Yemen. $ sixty-five million of it is a loan from the International Agency for Development and $48 million, a grant from the governments of Holland and Britain, while the Yemeni government contributes to the program with seven million dollars.
The program aims at supporting a strategy on basic education via increasing rates of joining basic education, especially by females and improvement of the quality of education and building institutional capacities of the ministry of education and its offices in governorates and districts.
The agreement was signed by Yemeni minister of education Dr Abdulsallam al-Jawfi, head of the Yemeni delegation and for the donors side by head of the team Othman Deejana. On the other hand, an agreement on the general framework for a mechanism on the use of the French assistance for Yemen was signed in Sana'a last week. The French aid focuses on the areas of agricultural and animal wealth production and building water dams. It was also agreed on allocating YR 35 million of the French assistance for the fighting of coffee piercing insect.