Friends of Childhood Association needs help [Archives:2002/42/Local News]

October 14 2002

The Friends of Childhood Association is a non-government charitable association located in Ibb governorate. And it needs you.
Operating under social affairs office in Ibb, the association aims to rehabilitate and educate children in a good environment, provide them with essential needs and psychological care in a special care house for juveniles.
It’s financed by NGOs and individuals.
It defends children, especially those detained or violated according to children’s rights agreements.
Further, the association is studying children’s issues and finding solutions for juvenile delinquency as a social phenomenon, fighting the exploitation of child beggars or children in hard labor and illegal works.
It also spreads awareness of children rights. However, Friends of Childhood is confronting a lot of challenges, mainly financial support and lack of awareness of children rights in Yemen. It’s calling all charitable people and organizations to share in its humanitarian activities through the Association account at the Yemen Bank for Construction and development: Account No. (18043).
for more information, contact the association at 404085