Frightful fable [Archives:2006/935/Community]

April 6 2006

By: Ameera Al-Haddad
Taiz University

One night, when I had lain down to see the moon and shining stars, the air was quite, the breeze danced with the curtains of my windows. I closed my eyes for a while. I dreamed a nice dream in my sleep. In my dream my curiosity tempted me to go out for a picnic at a near by place in my garden.

While walking with quiet footsteps, my eyes were filled with scenes in soft lights Suddenly!!! I stared to walk in astonishment!!! I didn't know what had happened to me!!! The soft light had vanished! Where have the stars gone the moon the breeze??!

Suddenly everything changed. I came upon a wide street full of alleys!!! I entered one of those alleys hoping to find the right way to the garden in my house. But No!!! I had come far away from my house!

I felt very cold. I was only wearing a light tunic and a small shawl on my shoulders.

Raindrops started falling! It was late. Nothing moved in those alleys. Nothing, except the echo of my steps and the rain I slipped on the ground, and I looked around for a warm place. There was no shelter, anywhere.

Suddenly!!! I fell down. I stayed it seemed, for a long time like this. Then I heard a strange voice,; it didn't sound normal. There was no doubt, I wanted to turn and take a look back something blocked me.

And Yes!!! I felt fear like pillars of iron in me. I bent to get up, my eyes started to steal their way up and up little by little till I finally looked up at the giant!!! He frightened me!!!

At the time, I couldn't believe he was a normal creature… the rain was heavy He came nearer I had no shelter to hide I surrendered to disaster My heart trembled My tongue was stuck at the rook of my mouth

But it's all right!!! As long as it is what is to befall me, I will face whatever it might be, I thought.

So I looked steadily again I saw his face. It was like a block of jelly, moving, not tied to anything. Nothing was fixed in his face, all except his eyes and his mouth He was like a block of messed up blood His eyes were regular, above each other his mouth as a zigzag his teeth were sharp but they were bigger than his head!!!

He was bald, this giant except for one long braid coming out of the middle of his head His eyebrows were like curly ropes dropping down to his neck!

I lowered my eyes gradually to look at the rest of his frightful body. His neck was long and thin with swollen veins as if they would spew blood at any second Two huge hands hung from his shoulders with ten fingers. Each finger had sharp claws like forks.

His body was like barren ground which didn't know water not even to build a small house with a garden His shanks were thin His legs were broad and what amazed me most: he had broad fetters around his feet!!!

He came nearer looking at me with a fierce frown… What could I do??! He pulled me from my place, nailing me inside his hand. I knew he wanted to devour me like a grain of mustard between his jaws!!! But what stopped him??! I didn't know!!!

He started to speak to me. His voice was like fearful thunder claps With every boom repeated, flames came out from his open jaw He whispered to me that he wanted to eat me!!!

But!!! He asked that I make just three wishes and after that I would not see this world again!!!

At the moment, in that particular situation, I had only one wish and no more! I wanted out, to disappear for ever!!!

However, I wanted to seize the opportunity to ask for many wishes or at least some I thought quickly I remembered poor people and wild vagabonds. As I had a chance to live, I should make a new life for those poor, weak vagabonds I had no chance to live I should make a new life for the poor, for the weal, for the vagabond. For all those who are powerless.

Oh!!! I just forgot! I was still lying down on the palm of his hands and he looked at me and fear came to me he asked me, what was my first wish? I answered, “The first, I wish love and cooperation to spread among people who have hearts. Second, selfishness and self love my love must die in hard hearts. Third, that you become small like us humans, possessor of a tender heart and be a kind and handsome man to deal with people in kindness after you eat me!!!

After that I don't know what happened! I stood before him his formed changed his features became nice He spoke to me in a tender voice What a charming man!!! He kissed me on my head, asking me to forgive him

He granted me my wishes as if life had restarted he didn't eat me Yet! He became an intimate friend to me. He said he admired me strongly Why, because I preferred other's lives to mine. He said that his frightful form would not change unless a kind creature would come to change it. That creature was me Who change his frightful features into kind ones I just got back my life twice over!!!

The rain stopped the breeze blew gently life was renewed on that night a moonlit night!!

While I continued my conversation with him, I looked back to give him a smile but I did see him I turned left and right but I didn't find him. I had just gotten acquainted with his name, so I called him by it I should loudly to find him and looked up to the sky I found a sole brilliant star shining in the sky I recognized that it was that good person I felt happy to find him again in whatever shape he might be

Now every night I stay for some time in the balcony of my house looking up to the sky to greet that wonderful star.