From here we start [Archives:2007/1045/Community]

April 26 2007

By: Hanan Mohammed Al-Shibami
[email protected]

We have aims that we want to achieve in our life, but we don't. We need to know from where we should start. We have ambitions, but we can't express them. We face many problems, but we don't know how to deal with them. We have everything, but we can't do anything. Many questions come to my mind: How can we overcome these barriers and from where do we start?

In fact, we should start with ourselves and send a positive message to ourselves: “We can do anything, no matter how difficult. If anyone thinks something is difficult, it will become difficult, even if it's easy.” We should dig into the rock, no matter how hard it is. There's nothing impossible in the world, except what we make for ourselves.

We should look at life with a broad view and internalize this concept in our memory: “If one lives to make something small in his life, he'll be small all of his life and in death; however, if he lives to make something great, he'll be great all of his life and often in death.”

We should dream about the future as much as we can and talk with people about our ambition proudly. We should try to deal with problems softly and consider it a game that exposes our strength, whether we're able to solve it or not. We should look at life as a challenge.

Finally, try to be like the wind, which moves everything in front of it. Don't be like a stone, which can't move anything.