From the spirit of all the free journalists, so shall we go on! [Archives:2005/839/Viewpoint]

May 5 2005

Two days ago, on the 3rd of May the whole world including Yemen celebrated the World Press Freedom Day. I don't know what we were celebrating in Yemen, but still the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate organized a workshop on freedom of press in Yemen on this occasion celebrating the freedom of press presumably exists in Yemen.

What we should celebrate is the legends all around the world who sacrificed everything for the sake of freedom. No matter how suppressing regimes are the candle those heroes lighted will go on.

The men and women who have made themselves role models to follow in the road to freedom. To live their passion for truth, triggered by strong faith that we owe it to our nations to voice their concerns and to demand their rights. It's not about covering workshops or telling a bedtime stories about this issue of that or polishing the image of an authority figure; it's about delivering an honest message from the people.

A free journalist feels the hurt of the wounded, the sorrow of the depressed and hunger of the needy. Then voice these feelings through words or even screams if needed!

Nevertheless, sometimes the truth is buried below mountains of dirt and because we want to be faithful to our profession have to dig deep, bear the dirt, the tiredness and the pain and haul the truth out in order to show it to the world. We cannot give up; it's just not an option.

For the sake of all those who walked the first miles, paved the road for us, it's just not possible to give up now. We have to move on for the sake of Dr. Abdulaziz al- Saqqaf who gave up his life defending his principles and believing in message of truth.

Third of May this year may not be a day for celebrating in the world and is definitely not so in Yemen. But perhaps it is a day to restore our faith in ourselves, remember the ones who left us and to promise to continue this journey of freedom, from the spirit of all the free journalists, so shall we go on!