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September 27 1999

3 Britons Released from Prison ADEN: Iyad Hussein and Shahrazad Nabi, who are the two Britons who were sentences to time served were released from prison yesterday morning upon a direct order from the Aden appeal court’s judge who also upheld jail terms against the eight Britons, and two Algerians who were sentences last Saturday. The 10 were arrested last after the kidnapping incident of 16 western tourists that eventually lead to using force to crack down on the militants, and hence killing 4 tourists during the rescue attempt by troops. Both the defendants and the prosecution had appealed against the sentences, but due to delay in presenting their appeal in the legal period, their appeals were rejected by the judge, Abdul-Jabbar Mahyoub. 
The defendants and prosecution gave 40 days to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court, and they vowed the appeal.