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December 3 2001

YT Journalist Detained, Again! Hassan Al-Zaidi, a journalist working for Yemen Times has been arrested in Sanaa during the early morning hours of Monday, Dec 3, again by security forces without any provided reason.
Hassan Al-Zaidi’s arrest is the latest in a series of state violations committed against journalists working in Yemen’s independent press without legitimate justifications.
However, initial reports say that Hassan was arrested because of the report he made regarding the kidnapping incident of a German who was kidnapped by members of his tribe last Wednesday. “It has become a norm for the security to have Hassan arrested whenever he writes about kidnappings or when members of his tribe kidnap a foreigner. Until when will this last?” asked Hassan’s brother, Abdullah.
Hassan Al-Zaidi has been an active journalist in reporting about kidnapping incidents and violations against human rights in various areas in the country, but specifically in regions deprived from the most basic public services in the governorate of Mareb.
Yemen Times sent an appeal letter for Al-Zaidi’s release to the concerned authorities, the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate, and also to local and international human rights organizations defending freedom of press.
This is the third time this year that Hassan Al-Zaidi was imprisoned because of his reports about kidnapping incidents in Yemen.
Hassan Al-Zaidi was arrested following the kidnapping of the German Commercial Attaché in July and he was taken to prison where he stayed for more than two weeks before he was released following pressure exerted by worldwide organizations including the Committee to Protect Journalists and Journalists Sans Frontiers and Human Rights Watch.
He was also imprisoned in May following the kidnapping of a German student in Sanaa, and was released after the German was freed.
“Hassan Al-Zaidi requests that whoever feels he is involved in any action, to file a lawsuit against him and take him to court instead of arresting him for no legitimate reason. Arresting anyone without trial is a crime against humanity!” Abdullah added.