Fruit trees bulldozed in Abyan [Archives:2003/669/Local News]

September 18 2003

Aden, Sept, 16_ A number of bulldozers accompanied by some military vehicles have randomly bulldozed fruit and other trees like bananas, papaya, sesame, and cotton in Dahel Ahmed in Zunjabar, Abyan governorate at the beginning of the week without any legal orders or even informing landowners of the area totaling 70 people.
This has occurred at a time when the president of the republic has called on more than one occasion of giving interest to agriculture and improving agricultural work.
Landowners at the area have expressed their resentment over what happened in their area. They confirmed that the reason behind destruction of their agricultural farms was to seize them for building new houses on them.
Citizens in the area have appealed to human rights organizations, and world organizations of environment and those interested in agriculture to act immediately against the disaster that befell them.
It is to be mentioned that more than 500 families are benefiting from those lands.