FSSG Appeals to the President [Archives:2002/02/Front Page]

January 7 2002

The Forum of the Sons of the Southern Governorates (FSSG), which held a meeting before the end of Ramadan, sent a letter to President Ali Abdulah Saleh asking for the fulfillment of 5 demands by the sons of the southern governorates. The letter included a number of demands, such as equal citizenship, local governance, as well as access to public jobs and land.
The FSSG expressed its dismay at the discriminatory practices exercised against the sons of the south, particularly with regard to access to public positions both in the army and civil service. It called for fulfilling the minimum demands for the people of the south through activating the local authority and creating a developed mechanism for tackling the issues of the southern governorates. The FSSG disclosed that government employees from southern and eastern governorates were facing a number of acts of harassment represented by dismissing them from public employment and excluding them from important posts without paying attention to their qualifications.
The statement condemned the division of Yemen into zones for a limited number of capitalists which disappointed many others in the southern and eastern governorates.
The statement also protested against the confiscation of land in the southern governorates by a limited influential persons in the government to the extent that even public parks and beaches are taken over. The statement released by the FSSG asked the President to promptly resolve these issues.
”The Forum also presented a number of secret demands related to the ruling system and other things which are not included in the statement so as to keep up the unity of the nation,” a leading member of the Forum said. The same person added that neither the Vice-president Abdurabu Manssur, nor Hussein Arab nor Ahmad Mussaid Hussein spearheaded the meeting and that they had no role in the creation of this Forum.