Fuad Al-Futaih: “There is no creation without suffering” [Archives:1999/32/Culture]

August 9 1999

Fuad Al-Futaih is a multi- dimensional intellectual. Besides being a brilliant artist, he studied English Literature in Cairo University, Economy and Political Sciences in Baghdad University and Fine Arts in Germany. Moreover, he is a founding member and the first head for the Arab Artists Community in Germany and Europe. Yasser Mohammed Ahmad of Yemen Times interviewed Mr. Al-Futaih and filed the following:
Q: Will you please give us an idea about the National Center for Arts you work in?
A: The Center was built in 1993 in the heart of Sana’a city. It has 22 artists as members from different governorates. It holds many shows for the Yemeni as well as the foreign artists. For example, to enhance the cultural cooperation between our country and Britain, we held some shows for British artists in the last two years. The center will also hold a show about the countryside woman in the near future.
Q: Would you tell us about the group shows you have participated in?
A: I have participated in many international group shows like the National Museum of Modern Art in Baghdad, the International Exhibition for Palestine- Beirut & Baghdad, The Arabic Exhibition for Arts and The Plastic Arts Exhibition-Germany, The International Exhibition-Belgium, The First Graphic Exhibition-London-Baghdad, The Foreign Artists Exhibition-Frankfourt. Besides these, I participated in different exhibitions in Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Alexandria, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Cairo, Yugoslavia, Norway and the USA.
Q: What about your solo shows?
A: I have held solo shows in Berlin, Kuwait, New York, Yugoslavia, Norway, London, Paris and Athens. I am planning to hold solo shows in Qatar, Australia and Italy.
Q: What are the certificates and prizes you have earned?
A: The Government Medal,( First Class), for Arts and Literature, 1989.
– The second prize for designing the International Slogan of Disarmament from the General Secretary of the United Nations-New York.
– The Modern Art Museum Medal- Alexandria.
– The third prize in the First Assembly for Plastic Arts-Oman.

Q: What are the obstacles faced by the artist?
A: I think the artist does not face any obstacles. The obstacles are created by the artist himself and he should not blame the others. Any artist must have an ultimate goal and do his best to reach it. In my various visits to many countries, I have met many artists and their main concern was why there were not other exhibitions held. Man cannot ignore all the troubles he undergoes, for there is no creation without suffering.
Q: Do you continuously carry on your creative work or there are times when you retire to yourself?
A: In fact, I work daily in painting and thinking of new ideas. I never stop working. I stop only when I am sick.
Q: Any last word?
A: The Yemen Times is a distinguished paper and I would like it to pay more attention to the Plastic Arts shows.