Fulbright graduates FAAAY inaugurated [Archives:2003/663/Local News]

August 28 2003

The Fulbright and Alumni Yemeni association for Fulbright graduates held on Sunday 24th August a press conference at Sheraton Hotel in Sana'a in which the members talked about the impediments and difficulties the association had faced since its establishment.
Responding to Yemen Times question about the reasons that hindered the association from practicing its tasks and the number of Yemeni students who graduated in past years from America, Dr. Ali Abdualrahman al-Bahri, said “because of the death of one of the prominent founders of the association Dr. Abdul-Alziz al-Saqqaf and other reasons, the association stopped its activities up to now. Now it is the time to work again. There are 150 US-graduates who have decided to restart the association activities and bring life again to the association. It is open to Fulbright graduates regardless if they had studied on their own expense or on USA. The members have decided to amend the FAAAY bylaws to include all Yemeni Alumni who had at least completed one academic year at an American institution of higher studies.”
They also amend the name of the association to be Fulbright and American Alumni Association of Yemen (FAAAY).

The members then elected its new executive board for the next two years as follows:

Abdulaziz Abdul-Ghani, honorary president
Dr. Ali Al-Bahr, executive president
Dr. Abdualrahman Abdorabou, secretary general
Dr. Ahmed Shuga Al-Deen, assistant secretary general
Mohammed Al-Tayeb, public relations officers
Dr. Amin Al-Humairi, secretary
Dr. Mohammed Fadl Al-Eryani, Finance officer
Dr. Ahmed Alwan Al-Madhagi, academic research officer

“Our focus will be on promoting and enhancing contact among and between institutions, universities, schools, science and research centers in both countries, Yemen and USA. Besides, enriching and empowering academic and cultural relationships between Yemeni scholars and their counterparts in US. The target is to sustain the ongoing friendship and cooperation and to set the ground for yet more future cooperation.” Dr. Ali Al-Bahr in speech in the reception party.
In a statement to Yemen Times, John Balain, public Affairs section US embassy, said, “This is an association of American graduates. People went to United States and got bachelors, masters and Phds degrees then they came back more experienced and better people try to help their society for the people who study in USA have American experience and Yemeni experience as well. They are a bridge between Yemen and America. Their organization tries to tighten the relationship between the two countries by sharing the experiences and making changing here to make Yemen better.”