Functions of RACC wrapped up [Archives:2004/772/Local News]

September 13 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The function of the Regional and Annual Coordinating Convention (RACC) between the General Authority for Researches and Agricultural Guidance (GARAG) and the International Center for Agricultural Researches in Dry areas (ICARDA) was concluded on Wednesday 8th September in Dhamar.
The two-day convention was devoted to discussing different subjects related to previously implemented joint functions, as well as evaluating research programs, ICARDA's performance level in Yemen, and approving future work strategies.
By the end of the convention, Dr. Ismail Moharram, Chairman of the GARAG, Dr. Habeeb Tailah, the Regional Coordinator for ICARDA in Cairo and Dr. Ismail Ahmad, Coordinator of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, delivered speeches pointing out the positive results of the convention.
The convention also recommended supporting research programs, training agricultural cadres, and exchanging experiences and efforts for the purpose of maintaining natural resources and exploiting them in an ideal way.