Future proposal to reduce the phenomenon of unemployment [Archives:2008/1173/Community]

July 17 2008

By: Basemen kasim Al Bakili
There is no doubt that the unemployment phenomenon became a public humanitarian. And social burden endured by millions of people on the face of whom all doors of income had been locked so they burden on their families with on way to be released from this nightmare. All of us know that all attempts and solutions exerted by the government and which still claimed ti be exerted to reduce and relieve the burden of unemployment which is aggravating day a fter day.

All attempts resulted in failure and we did not see any tangible result in reality even for a moment. so the unemployment phenomenon is a very heavy and dangerous social burden.

This phenomenon also predicts the emerge of there new social problems which are originally the natural outcomes of the unemployment phenomenon.

Because this is the actual situation which is a mess aggravating day after day. Therefore we are all either governors of people compelled to get ready and prepare ourselves to devote all efforts to reduce the unemployment which is considered a time-set bomb. Every one has to provide his solutions and proposals and plan as per the available capabilities in order to avoid the risks of this future phenomenon and relieve the burden on our generations too.

Frankly speaking through the careful meditation on this dangerous phenomenon some ideas stroke my mind which l think are good to relieve such phenomenon to a large extent if implemented in a scientific precise manner with the supervision of patriotic people who are very keen a bout the interest of the country abd the people.

The jdea is very simple to ve implemented it is confined to the establishment of public national fumds the valance of which are to ve held with various banks. The source of financing these funds is through deducting only five Rials from the salary of each employee in both public and private sectors.

Also by deducting YR.1000 from amounts will be utilized for the establishment of micro enterprises factors and companies witch will reduce the amounts to be deducted are very small and nobody will reject that species and scientific approach and the idea is adopted by honest people who do not care of personal interests.

This is my own idea and l have more details and indicators related to the implementation. l hope that any person or authority to adapt it and contact me first since it is my idea in order to work together to implement the idea in reality.