Future Prospects of Agriculture To Be Discussed [Archives:1998/43/Business & Economy]

October 26 1998

Organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in cooperation with the World Bank, a workshop on ‘Reviewing Agricultural Policies and Agricultural Development Strategy’ will be held during October 28-29. 
Participants will include representatives of Yemeni universities, ministries, the World Bank, the EC, UNDP and research centers in Yemen. All in all nine research papers will be submitted, dealing mainly with the basic features of crop production economies, marketing strategies, applied projections of agricultural policy (sources of growth), rural funding, public expenditure, and establishing a fund to aid fisheries and agricultural cooperatives in Yemen. There will also be an extensive study on qat. 
Workshop Objectives 
Participants aim to achieve the following: 
– Understanding the conditions of the agricultural sector management with a view to employing this understanding in solving administrative problems; 
– Utilizing the concept of rational choice in strategic management by identifying the needs and assessing sustainable management of the agricultural sector; and 
– formulating sound policies and developing the agricultural strategy by utilizing the results of the Aden Agenda as a basis.