Gafaria Shiah Establishes a Center in Nehm Region [Archives:2000/51/Local News]

December 18 2000

Building of a large center for Al-Ga’faria Shiah is underway in Nehm Region, 50 kilometers east Sanaa. The center is composed of a mosque, classrooms and a hostel for students. This came after closure of their center, Al-Kowther Islamic and Cultural Center, and arrest and deporting of its teaching staff. Among its staff was Mr. Ala Addin Musawi who was supervising the center that was built in May 1999 on a permit from Ministry of Culture as a first center belonging to the Shiah in Yemen. However, this center was shut down after eight months of its being built. Sources affiliated to this notion told YT that the center aims at teaching the Yemeni youth the ethos of family of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Prayers be upon him), specially that, in Yemen, there are no scientific Hawzat (semi-centers) for this notion as in some Arab countries like Syria and Iran. They also mentioned that there are some Islamic groups in Yemen fighting against this notion.