Gang attacks official [Archives:2008/1205/Local News]

November 6 2008

By: Saddam al-Ashmori
SANA'A Nov. 3 ) An armed group of about 25 members stormed into the General Authority for Water in Rural Areas in Amran and attacked general manager Abdul Hakim Naji Al-Qawsi, from Taiz, among other personnel at the premises.

The gang, led by a man called Jazim from the area of Kharif, stormed the premises with guns and injured not only the manager but another member of the working staff called Mohammed Al-Yamani. The group carried out the aggression in objection to the lack of water facilities in their area.

A member of the authority questioned how the gang was able to enter the public complex with weapons despite security personnel and vehicles at the main gate and suggested that security might have schemed with the aggressors. He demanded the government undertake its responsibility and track down members of the gang and bring them to justice.

This is considered to be the fifth aggression of its kind at the authority. Moreover, authority staff have received death threats and even been threatened at gunpoint.

The perpetrators of the last attack were captured in the market attempting to sell equipment which the authority gave them to provide their area with water