Gangsters attempt to smuggle children into Saudi Arabia [Archives:2006/955/Local News]

June 15 2006

SANA'A, June 13 ) Sources at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor disclosed earlier this week that Yemeni authorities are holding 50 children, who some gangs attempted to smuggle into Saudi Arabia last week. web site mentioned that security authorities are holding the children at a Sana'a child care facility.

Yemeni border guards seized the children at the Haradh border area while they were trying to cross into Saudi territory. Interrogation of the children revealed gang involvement in the smuggling process. According to sources, smuggling gangs placed the children at areas near Saudi borders to enable them to cross and then meet and transfer them to certain areas to practice beggary.

The source clarified that all of the children immediately were transferred to the Haradh Child Care Institution and then to the Sana'a child care facility, where investigations revealed that they had come from different areas in Sana'a, Haimah and Reema. Authorities still were keeping the children at the facility before handing them over to their families.