Gangsters in TaizBeware!! [Archives:2003/654/Local News]

July 28 2003

TAIZ_ Peace in Taiz has been lately threatened and disrupted by a new alarming criminal gangs robbery of people. Groups of unemployed street boys at various ages formed gangs and started mugging and attacking people mostly at night. The latest incident of the sort was what happened to Hamza Adam Abdulaleem, 18 years , who was walking in the streets near the college of science when he was attacked by a vicious group of three men. The gang beat up him severely and robbed him of his mobile phone, 30,000 YR he was to give to a friend and a number of gold earrings that he had to keep for someone.
Luckily he managed to reach a police station and came back with a small force in search for the criminals. In the place of the assault one of the gang members was arrested but then his friends showed up with arms and resisted the police force but finally managed to arrest the gang members. The three men 19, 23 and 25 years of age are undergoing investigation and awaiting to be tried before court.