Gas crisis in capital [Archives:2003/677/Local News]

October 16 2003

Sana’a, 14 Oct. The capital Sana’a is nowadays witnessing a suffocating crisis in liquefied gas in most of the gas shops in the capital as the price of one gas cylinder rose to 350 Rails.
A Yemen Times reporter has made a tour of shops selling gas cylinders found out most of them close down and in asking about the reasons some gas sellers confirmed that available gas cylinders are not enough.
The newspaper reporter has tried to contact the Yemeni company for gas to know about the reason why gas cylinder are not available in the market but his effort went in vain. And thus this crises is expected to remain as it is as long as the gas company does not act or even bother itself to pay filed visits to the markets to be seriously aware about the tampering with this very important commodity for the people.