Gathering in Memory of Mr. Aklan [Archives:2001/26/Local News]

June 25 2001

Commemoration ceremony was organized today for Mr. Aklan Saif Mudhish al-Dubai, renowned Inspector of English in Taiz. Mr. Aklan passed away in a tragic car accident in Sana’a-Taiz highway after being rewarded in the Teachers’ Day Festival held in Sana’a.
The function was organized by the Education Bureau, Taiz, in al-Muntazah, Almasbah area. The late was a key model for all inspectors of English in Yemen. He was the founder of the Al-Kindi English Institute, one of the most outstanding and efficient institutes in Taiz. A book containing a brief account of his life, articles he published in many newspapers and impressions of some close friends, was published and distributed in the function.