Gaza between Invasion and Treason [Archives:2009/1227/Community]

January 22 2009

By: Saleh al- Batati
Faculty of Arts&Humanities
Al-Ahgaff University-Mukalla
[email protected]

The war on Gaza is coming to the end of its third week. Meanwhile, the Arab regimes still appear to be in a deep coma, making the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip feel a deep sense of betrayal.

The catastrophe in Gaza is a dire calamity; Israel is attacking Gaza by air, sea, and land. It uses missiles, cannons, and tanks, to say nothing of using illegal weapons such as cluster bombs that have resulted in hundreds of civilian victims and thousands of serious casualties.

So far, the land invasion has not made any progress; on the contrary, it has encountered strong and stubborn resistance which made Israel lose a lot of its power in addition to killing its soldiers and officers.

However, the Gaza Strip has not surrendered, and will not as long as it has its brave fighters. These fighters, possessing little and primitive weapons, are resisting a seemingly invincible army holding sophisticated weapons. Yet they do not give up.

During the war on Gaza, some of the Arab regimes have adopted negative and hostile attitudes against Hamas.

First, they hold Hamas accountable for the war on Gaza which is being waged by the Israeli army.

Second, these Arab regimes are supporting the old adversary of Israel just to eradicate the Hamas movement.

Third, tacit collusion with Israel is taking place in order to achieve particular purposes. Fourth, dead and absolute silences are giving the colonizer Israel freedom to continue launching their barbarian invasion.

Fifth, Arabs have closed the border in front of the public who are aspiring to help the vulnerable people in Gaza.

Sixth, the Palestinians have a glimmer of peace with the success of Arab summit but some are trying to hinder or impede it by demanding that it be held by other leaders.

Seventh, the act of collecting donations in favor of the powerless people in Gaza while America is devoting of all her energy to war criminals is focusing on the wrong area.

Eighth, some countries are arresting protesters who stand against the war on Gaza. Even doa'a (praying) for the Palestinians in the mosque was not allowed.

Ninth, crossings have been closed which has caused a pressing shortage of food in Gaza; what is more pathetic is that foreigners – not Arabs – took the initiative for breaking the siege.

I ask the Arab regimes who are collaborating in the siege: don't the people in Gaza have the entitlement to live? Don't they have entitlement to protection?

Having mentioned the above attitudes, isn't it high time to admit that we have traitorous leaders who help the Israeli army to kill unarmed children, women, and the elderly? Isn't it a shame on them to see Venezuela expelling the Israeli ambassador, whereas our leaders negotiate with the antagonist?

In conclusion, I hope our leaders wake up from their deep coma to rescue their Arab and Muslim brothers from potential collapse, represented by Israel, the real terrorist in the world, because no one can live in peace with people who kill innocent children.