Gaza – do not cry [Archives:2009/1223/Community]

January 8 2009

By: Mohammed Y. Rezq
[email protected]

Not once upon a time there is a sad story

Two girls were born surrounded by an army

This army was in Gaza but belongs to the enemy

Their house was not a house; it looks more like a cemetery

However, they were not crying, their faces were smiley

The one who was crying was their poor weak mommy

Said their grandma or maybe another lady

Don't cry daughter don't cry

Because they want us to cry so, baby don't cry

How is the baby? Is it okay?

You have a twin baby

The nurse said they might be born before the day

Therefore, you were to be sent away but as usual there is no way

But mama where is their daddy?

Fady Fady… Is very far away

No way. No way. When did he go? And why

Today, way down there he went to pray

When he was thrown away

Some said, it was his body

They read your name in his silver marriage ring

He told me not to cry

Yes, that was on Saturday

As if he felt that his time was about to end, that's why in his face was glory

December 30th was his birthday

He was to be 30 by Wednesday

Oh dear he was killed even before his birthday

One night he told me about his old dream that was his father's originally

He wanted to have a girl for every city

Gaza, Al-Dafa, Al-Quds, Haifa, Yafa, Akaa, Areha, Tolkarm, Naples, Ganaa, and Tabreaa

You know my son told me the same dream one day

He left to collect some money

He promised to let me chose his wife freely

He also asked me not to cry

Since then no one saw a single tear in my eye, you too do not have to cry

We have Gaza and Al-Dafa today

Later on we will have the whole family

Please be stronger, Gaza started to cry

Let us start now as we have a long way

They could damage everything except our dream which they cannot destroy

If I am not here tomorrow or any other day

Please tell your girls not to cry