Gender equality: A battle or a matter [Archives:2007/1015/Community]

January 11 2007

By: Maged Thabet Al-Kholidy
[email protected]

For many years, Mass Media has been promoting the concept of women's rights which are sought by international and local organizations as it was also recommended by Islam. Many institutions have been established to call for these rights, severely standing against the practice of any violating actions like violence, illiteracy, or restricting them from any social or political activities except those which are socially immoral or go against the Islamic norms.

This really push women to gain their partnership with men in many political and social affairs. Actually, there is still a kind of breaking of such rights. But that occurs only in some cases, i.e. in some families especially the tribal or uneducated ones. Nowadays, the term “Gender Equality”” appears as the matter of propaganda