General Corporation for Salt Awarded [Archives:2001/47/Local News]

November 19 2001

The Golden Prize for Quality was awarded to the General Corporation for Salt last Tuesday, November 13 2001. The celebration was organized in the building of the corporation. The General Manager of the Foreign Ministry Office, Mohammed Al-Azzani, awarded the Golden Prize to the General Manager of the Corporation, Abdulrahman Hassan Abdullah. Mohammed Al-Azzani delivered a speech focusing on the activities of the corporation and the development of salt production in Yemen, specifically in Aden. The prize was awarded to the corporation because of its high standards of quality and for being the first corporation to iodized salt in Yemen. The corporation has conducted several changes in techniques and the ways of work and could produce between 120 to 150 thousand tons. The corporation’s exports from January to October, 2001 totaled 41 thousand tons at the cost of YR 144,271,000. The General Manager of the Corporation, Abdulrahman Hassan Abdullah, added that the corporation has been looking for new markets for salts to be exported to. It is expected that the sales of the corporation will reach between 40 to 60 thousand tons per year. He pointed out that the corporation has successfully achieved great benefits.
The corporation was founded in 1886 and it was awarded the Bronze Prize in 1989.