General settlement called by President [Archives:2004/798/Local News]

December 13 2004

In response to H.E. the President of the Republic,Peace House Social Organization for Combating Revenge is currently preparing for the third national campaign 2005, which is under the motto (With the Leader Towards a Society Free From Revenge, Violence and Misuse of Arms).
The campaign includes seven provinces and aims at raising awareness and education through different styles as it is representing a major tool for changing the connotations and bringing forth a peaceful society, as well as creating a national unity.
The campaign will be carried out in cooperation with various organizations interested in combating this phenomenon and controlling it.
The campaign will instruct social classes on how to take the necessary precautions towards the misuse of arms. Numerous scholars, intellectuals , media personnel and social personalities are participating in the campaign that is supported by the national capitals and civil community organizations.
It is expected that this campaign will continue up to the end of 2005.
152 sketches are to be played along with staging around 295 artistic and photographic exhibitions plus distributing one million and one hundred thousands of publications and pamphlets. Additionally, posters will be displayed as well as some 800 guiding boards.
1500 lectures are to be delivered by great scholars.
The campaign intends to raise social awareness on the dire consequences of weapon misuse, revenge crimes, violence, and their effects on the national security and stability, and the average per capita income.