General Zinni’s Visit to Yemen [Archives:1999/16/Local News]

April 19 1999

The Commander of the U.S. Central Command Force, General Anthony Zinni, is expected to arrive in Sana’a in April the 26th, 1999 on an official visit. He is expected to hold many talks with senior Yemeni officials over the two days, as well as inaugurating the new building of the Demining Center, located near the American Embassy in Sana’a.
On the 27th of April, General Zinni is expected to inaugurate the new building of the Demining Center in Aden – Dar Saad area. The American Commander will observe the training process of the military forces who will take part in demining operations in the planned areas.
Also, the Commander of the Marine Forces of the Middle East will arrive in Sana’a on the 1st of May on a short visit to Yemen for the purpose of overseeing the new training course of the project. The training team will be based in Aden, besides overseeing the task of demining in the planned areas.