German Ambassador visits NCC [Archives:2004/778/Local News]

October 4 2004

By Ahmad Al-Bukhari
Taiz Bureau

The German Ambassador, Frank Marcus Mann, visited last Wednesday the National Cultural Center (NCC) in Taiz and was received by Abdullah Sallam, the Manager of the NCC, a number of sewing and embroidery workers and trainees.
Afterwards, a joint meeting was held to discuss the support offered by the German Embassy and its organizations, for the center as well as functions in the framework of supporting non-governmental organizations and societies for the sake of developing skills and alleviating poverty.
The German Ambassador inaugurated the Computer & Internet Unit at the center. After reviewing the different activities of the center, he offered support in the form of computers and sewing machines.
Mr.Sallam stated that the NCC sponsors many activities in Taiz, including Al-Hujaria Educational Skills Development Center, that intends to integrate computers into the teaching process as well as teaching sign language and caring for youths in several aspects.
The Ambassador delivered a speech during which he promised that his Embassy would finance the construction of a training center with a capacity of 5000 trainees from Al-Turba and neighboring areas . Then he expressed his happiness to be encouraging youths throughout the province to develop their skills and contribute to poverty alleviation.