German Defense Ministry  Honors a Yemeni Major [Archives:1999/38/Local News]

September 20 1999

Mohamed Saleh Al-Bahlooli, a Major in the Yemeni Army received the silver cross award of honor from the Defense Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. The objective of the award is showing respect and gratitude to the ones who work hard on strengthening the bilateral relationships with the Federal Republic of Germany in various fields, especially in military.
The award ceremony took place last Monday, September 13th, at the residence of the German Ambassador. The ceremony with the attendance of several intellectuals and high ranking officials, including the Yemeni Defense Minister. The award was given to Bahlooli for his invaluable efforts in delivering the relief aid of the German government to the victims of the floods that hit some villages in Marib in 1996.
In the letter sent from the German Embassy to the Yemen Foreign Ministry, Mr. Al-Bahlooli was thanked for all his efforts, “Not did Major Al-Bahlooli do his duties as a link officers only, but he contributed a lot in an excellent way in the success of the German relief team in the floods disaster in Marib in 1996…. “We thank him for his perfect knowledge of German language which made him help us in translating important documents, hence exceeding his working hours.”